Is Shopping Sherlock A Scam?

This article is written to address the issue of whether or not Shopping Sherlock is a scam or a sound business opportunity. Unfortunately, in the Network Marketing Industry, you have people that will put the word SCAM in a headline of an article or a blog post, because they know that draws people’s attention. They subsequently will pitch their marketing systems or some other product, but they got your attention with a SCAM headline. Than you have bloggers that pretend to be reporters that will run a story without doing any research or interviews with corporate executives, but they know that the word scam in the their headline will entice people to read their blogs, thus driving traffic for them. These practices may be unethical and harmful to Companies and Individuals but the people that use these practices and techniques generally don’t care, as long as they get traffic or can sell their product.

Scams in the Network Marketing Industry that usually are illegal have no products, pay people for recruiting and many times have investment opportunities of thousands of dollars. When you analyze Shopping Sherlock, the initial product purchase is $249 and the monthly overhead subscription is $34.95. When you analyze the products people get for $249 dollars, it is really a remarkable value! Products which are detailed later in this article give someone everything they need to start a worldwide, Internet business and the monthly subscription of 34.95  is also a tremendous value. Where else can you run your own business that includes a turn-key marketing system, a social media platform, including your own blog, branding and sales tools and your own mobile app for a monthly overhead expense of $34.95 per month.

The Shopping Sherlock opportunity and products position their distributors to profit from several of the biggest trends and opportunities on the Internet. Those trends include people using the Internet to find the best deals on products and services, the growth of mobile and people using mobile devices to do the same thing.  As Shopping Sherlock distributors give the app away on the net and on mobile devices and their customers benefit from quickly and easily finding the best deals on products they are interested in and buying them, or even requesting additional info, Shopping Sherlock representatives can get paid. The average active Shopping Sherlock distributor has 26 customers. Shopping Sherlock representatives simply give the app away for free and they make money as people benefit from the product and they can build a team of people worldwide to do the same thing.

The affiliate marketing model that they use has been used by the largest and most successful Companies on the Internet. Amazon, became the largest e-commerce Company in the world primarily using affiliate marketing and paying sites for the traffic and business they generated for Amazon. Today Amazon is worth over 125 BILLION DOLLARS. Amazon is one of more than 100,000 Companies that pay for traffic, sales and leads. Most of the Daily Deal Companies including the leaders such as Groupon and Living Social also pay for business that is generated for them by other sites. Shopping Sherlock distributors earn money based on product sales and affiliate income, which does not make them a scam. It makes the Company a great business opportunity for someone looking to start an Internet home-based business with tools, support and training in some of the biggest growth areas and trends on the Internet and on mobile devices.

In addition Shopping Sherlock has retail products for small businesses allowing them to optimize their sites for mobile, deliver coupons and deals on both mobile devices and on the Internet as well as offering them great branding tools and an SEO product to capitalize on the growth in local search. These products offer tremendous value and ROI to small businesses at price points that are far below their competition.

A couple of blogs have posted that Shopping Sherlock is a spinoff of another Company that had issues paying their representatives in the past. The truth is Shopping Sherlock is not affiliated in any way with that company. Shopping Sherlock bought that company’s technology and database only.  The reason they bought the technology is the prior company had invested over 1 million dollars developing the price comparison engine. Shopping Sherlock owners realized the opportunity in the space and rather than build their own platform, bought an existing one that had other assets as well. None of the other company’s executives or management are part of Shopping Sherlock and Shopping Sherlock has added significant features and functionality to that platform as well as developed additional products and tools for Shopping Sherlock distributors.

For similar analogies, in the search engine space you had companies like Alta Vista, Lycos and Excite that competed with Yahoo, Google and Bing. Google has dominated that space while several of the other’s became irrelevant or went out of business. The search space became an incredible market and Google executed better than the others. In Social Media Friendster was the first Social Media Company, followed by MySpace and Facebook. Facebook has dominated that niche. In the online auction space, Onsale was the first to market. Ebay came into that space and created one of the great Internet success stories.

Shopping Sherlock management believes that people using the Internet and Mobile devices to shop and find the best prices on products and services represents a huge trend and worldwide opportunity. The fact that the Company they bought the price comparison engine from didn’t capitalize on that trend, does not reflect negatively on the tremendous opportunity or market potential in that space.  Shopping Sherlock’s has the ability to execute and capitalize on those trends, and provide a better platform and opportunity for their distributors around the world.


Business For Home showed that in 2012 home based businesses boomed! In fact, 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed and $427 billion was made by home based businesses in 2012. This has led to someone setting up a new home based business every 12 seconds and there are now 38 million people involved in a home based business in the USA. 44% of the home based businesses were started for less than $5,000 but what if you could start one with all the help and support you needed for less than 5% of the figure above?

If you are considering starting your own business with a small startup cost, low monthly overhead, no need to purchase costly inventory that I might get stuck with and something that everyone would be interested in, Shopping Sherlock may be your best option. Shopping Sherlock allows you to give something away for FREE that everyone one want and needs and allows you to make money from the usage of that product! Shopping Sherlock has an innovative “Best Deal” App that helps consumers save time and money on things they were already going to buy online.

The secret lies in asking the users to buy nothing extra, just let the Sherlock help you save money on things you were already going to buy. Getting paid to help people save money is a unique business concept. The FREE App works with all the major search engines and instantly searches the entire Internet to find the user the best deal no matter what they are searching for, but it doesn’t stop there. It also gives access to local “Daily Deals” and coupons from national and local businesses, both on the Internet and on mobile devices. When the consumers purchase these offers or even request additional information, Shopping Sherlock distributors can get paid.

Here are some saving stories from Shopping Sherlock users:

I recently purchased 4 Bluetooth wireless ear buds. Original price was $99.00 each. We found and purchased them for $20.00 per pair! That’s a $316 savings!” Atlanta GA.

“I was looking for a GPS for my wife, normally cost between $150 to $250, and found it on the Shopping Sherlock “Daily Deal” for $84.” St. Louis MO.

“Needed a new stove so I went down to the local RC Willey store to see which one I wanted, took a pic with my phone of the model number and it was $889.00. Came home Sherlocked it and found it for $719.00 with free freight. I printed the offer and drove back to the store and showed it to them and they matched it. I saved $170.00 AWESOME!”

“I needed to replace my Golf driver and I knew which club I wanted as I tested it at my local driving range. I found it for $479.99 on the Nike website, but then I used the Sherlock and to my amazement the Sherlock found the exact same club for $149.99 saving me a huge $330! Miami FL.

Realizing that the most valuable piece of real estate in any market is the screens of computers, PCs, laptops, iPads, and Notepads, the Sherlock now delivers their App in a nifty package that includes an interactive homepage that allows the consumer to do all of their online activities from one location like email, social media, favorite sites, weather, news, sports…well you get the idea, whatever is important to them! With the ever growing mobile phone market the Sherlock has an App for consumers on the go, giving them access to local and national deals and enabling you to get paid as they take advantage of these deals. The business model is so simple the only question is, do you know anyone that would like to save money? If you do then you already have customers just give them the App for FREE help them save and get paid. There are no limitations on how many Sherlock’s you can give away or where you can give them away. Now you might be asking yourself how you could make money giving something away for FREE. Doesn’t sound like a good business model; companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter might not agree since all of them let consumers use their product at NO cost. Interesting… the Sherlock basically directs traffic to offers and gets rewarded to do so. Consumers helping consumers helping businesses.

Here’s the best part, Do you think others are going to want to know how they can make money giving something away for FREE? Our distributors say that once someone experiences the savings they simply share the Sherlock plan and start building a team of like-minded people. Distributors can build a team in a variety of different countries as the Sherlock is going global. Because of the low startup cost of a onetime license fee of $249 and a low monthly fee of $34.95 finding people that want to start their own home based business is easy. The cool thing is that the value of the Sherlock package is worth far more than that. They give you everything you need including your own website, unlimited inventory of Shopping Sherlock Apps to giveaway, a turnkey marketing system including your very own blog and much more! In fact, here are all of the features involved with the Shopping Sherlock package:

The Distribution License allows the distributor to giveaway as many Shopping Sherlock Apps as they wish allowing them to earn as much money as they desire. The more the Apps are used, the more money there is to be made, simple! Value $200

Hundreds of training and resources are available to all distributors. Shopping Sherlock believes that you are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself. They offer all the help and support that a new distributor needs if they want. Value $125

The field leaders have developed a simple 1,2,3 System that can be used to introduce the business with all its benefits to potential prospects and users. Value $125

With the help of the incredible Capture Pages/Marketing Tools, Autoresponders, and CRM System, introducing a new person to the Shopping Sherlock home based business is made a whole load easier! These tools have been created by experienced marketers that know what the prospect wants to see. Value $150

There is a Coupon Creator within the back office that allows the distributor to simply create a coupon that they can attach to the Sherlock Apps that they give away. It can be printed and presented for discounts and/or offers. Value $150

When someone purchases the Shopping Sherlock package they are given their very own duplicated website. This saves them having to create their own website and it shows all of the information the corporate website shows, as well as tracks all of the applications that are installed through your website. Value $50

The Shopping Sherlock Social Media Platform – S2 Rocket provides the distributors with a platform to go to ask other distributors in the organization for help and training by simply sharing a post with the same model as Facebook, and others reply to the post. Company communication is also done through this platform. Value $50

The Blogging Feature of the Sherlock package is incredible. Every distributor has their own blog which can be updated at the click of a button. Distributors can post about team news, company updates, or even their saving stories. Value $150

When a distributor gives away a Shopping Sherlock App, all the activity is there for you to see in the Tracking (S2 APP MANAGER). This impressive function allows the distributor to see the number of installations, how many clicks have occurred, the number of sign ups to the mobile app and to the daily deal site. Value $150

Upon purchasing the Shopping Sherlock package, the distributor is automatically affiliated with their own Daily Deal Aggregator so that they can then give away the Sherlock Apps and capitalize from the thousands of daily deals from companies like Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals and many more. Shopping Sherlock takes care of all of this for the distributor so they don’t have to worry about it! Value $100

Like the daily deals aggregator, when someone buys the package, they are automatically affiliated with many big online companies so they can then give away the Sherlock Apps and earn affiliate income whenever one of their users buys a product or service from the affiliated websites. The key benefit with this is that Shopping Sherlock tracks all of this for you and sets up the relationships so you don’t have to! Value $150

If you were to launch a traditional business you would need to keep on top of all your stock, deliveries, sold items, shipment of products, as well as many other things. Well luckily, the distributors of Shopping Sherlock have access to an amazing online Back Office where everything can be seen. This ranges from new signups, commissions, installation reports, activity graphs and more. Value $50

Shopping Sherlock have their own smart phone product, which means all users and customers can install the app on their mobile phone and get the benefits of thousands of coupons and daily deals. Again, all of this is tracked and anything that is bought through the mobile app is tracked back to you, the distributor. Value $200

One of the hidden benefits of the Shopping Sherlock package is the understanding of how to save over $2,000 per year. You saw some saving stories above but many distributors of Shopping Sherlock say that they are saving between $200-300 every month on items they would have bought anyway.

Did we mention that business owners can brand the App with their business, link it to their website, and even deliver coupons by simply giving them to existing and future customers? As a business owner this is “Priceless”. Every time a customer does a search no matter what they are searching for your brand shows up on the front page of all major search engines. Now if businesses could communicate through this system that would be the ultimate tool.  Well now they can! The interactive homepage gives businesses the ability to send messages directly through the homepages that they gave away. Talk about staying connected to your community! Value $200


The value of the Shopping Sherlock package is worth well over $1,800 but it only costs the distributor a onetime license fee of $249 and a low monthly fee of $34.95. Where else do you know where you can run a business for an overhead cost of $34.95 per month and be given the tools and support to run a worldwide business?


In summary this might very well be the Perfect Home Business, getting paid to help people save time and money. Low start up and low monthly overhead makes Shopping Sherlock one to watch. You can visit their website at

If you have watched the worldwide growth of the Internet and have seen the fortunes being made, Shopping Sherlock may be your best chance to participate in the biggest growth market in the world and get your piece of the pie.

People using the Internet and mobile devices to find the best deals on products and services is not a fad. It’s a huge trend that will continue to grow worldwide. Shopping Sherlock provides you the products, tools and training to capitalize on these trends, and at a tremendous value.


24 comments on “Is Shopping Sherlock A Scam?
  1. Robert says:

    Wow! WoW! WOW! This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! ! !

  2. Alan Platt says:

    It is so true, some companies and people try to piggy back on the success of others by trying to discredit them. I for one truly appreciate the Corporate of this great company, the values they have and the opportunity they have given us. Shopping Sherlock, in my opinion is THE BEST opportunity around for value, Timing, Leadership and the great thing is we Benefit by helping others benefit with our FREE application and the NEW amazing dashboard system – If you are reading this whilst looking for a company to join – You have found the right one, well done. Now do something about it.

  3. Jim Swink says:

    After working with five companies, I promised myself and my wife NEVER to do another “DEAL”. However, I did decide to go to the Sherlock First Annual Convention in Atlanta on February 1-3. I wanted to personally meet the owner, corporate staff, and top distributors from around the world. What I saw was excitement, professionalism, solid business model, great timing, good company with leadership, and the huge potential income available to any Distributor that wanted to go to work. When I got home I told my wife, “I think this one is the real thing”.

    Ten Reasons Why I decided to Work the Shopping Sherlock Business:
    Number 1: I met the owner, staff, and key players. They all approach Shopping Sherlock like a long term business rather than a get rich scheme to dump in a year or two.
    Number 2: Online shopping is projected to be 1 TRILLION Dollars by end of 2013 and I need to position myself in order to earn some of that serious money.
    Number 3: There is high rate of return with no real investment and high risk like: real estate investors, builders, franchisers, restaurant owners, and other small business owners.
    Number 4: The tax advantages of owning a home based business.
    Number 5: Give Shopping Sherlocks out free. No buying drinks, shakes, pills, lotions and trying to talk other people into buying the product that is priced 7 times higher than Walmart.
    Number 6: The whole company, product, marketing is all digital. I can do all my business around the world from my computer: emails, skype, webinars, social media, etc..
    Number 7. I am not asking someone to do something different than they already are doing. No change of behavior. This is huge!!
    Number 8. I can do business with both consumers and business owners.
    Number 9: At age 60 I need residual income for retirement and for my kids and grand kids.
    Number 10:My wife and I can travel anywhere in the world and if I have internet I can do my business.

  4. Pete Hamby says:

    I’ve apart of the MLM or Network Marketing industry for over 18 years, and this is the only company that offers real value to it customer, and distributors.

  5. Karin Parsons says:

    The Shopping Sherlock has saved myself and others so much time and money on various purchases online. It is great to share the Sherlock with friends and watch their excitement as personally save. Many businesses are using the marketing features of the dashboard to remind their customers of their business, while saving their customers tons of money and time when they shop online. What better than a business where you can give such a valuable tool away – for free! The leadership of this company is excellent and the compensation plan is great for those who want to share the Shopping Sherlock and business opportunity with others. This is a solid company, offering a tremendous product as well as a tremendous way to make honest income online.

  6. Sherry Tabb says:

    I have shied away form so many network marketing companies over the years, I can’t even begin to count them. When Shopping Sherlock was brought to my attention it got my attention. I saw what I believe is the perfect storm:

    1. A perfect product for the masses. Who doesn’t want to save money when they shop??
    2. The perfect price. Our Shopping Sherlock application is F-R-E-E! That manes it costs the consumer nada, zilch, zero to our product.
    3. The leadership of the company and including the top income earners are stalwarts in the industry not only of network marketing but internet marketing as well.

    Folks, be careful of reading negative assaults on companies like this one. Typically they are written by wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to do only one thing….bad mouth a good company to get you to join theirs. It is up to you to do your own due diligence. Don’t rely on what I said above as fact. Investigate this yourself THEN contact me at 513-549-7853 to position yourself with the right company.

  7. Tom Soulsby says:

    My experience with Shopping Sherlock has only been positive. Exceptional training and support. An awesome product that we give away! A business building process that’s simple and easy to duplicate. The corporate and field leadership cannot be matched for experience or willingness to share their success principles. Shopping Sherlock is a sound business system based upon a great product.

  8. Tony Boner says:

    Great article.

    This company and the National Convention changed my whole mind on ever messing with a networking technology company again. I love this space but felt that those launching these companies didnt understand what it took and how you have to do what you say you are going to do.

    This company is no joke and its the people even more than the product and services. You can find good product and services but the caliber of people running this company from the top down to those I see and hear coming on board are like nothing I’ve seen in this arena before. True entrepreneurs, professionals, and like minded successful, hardworking people. Not just someone looking for a way to make a couple of bucks.

    I love the mentoring and the accountability from my mentor. I’ve never had this and it makes you wnat to do it and make it just because of how hard he works for you.

    Thanks again!

  9. Cathy Jordan says:

    Shopping Sherlock is the best chance I have to create generational wealth! With the sequester around the corner, job loss and tough times, “FREE” is the best thing going. I absolutely give the product away. I love the fact that I get to bless the lives of others by exposing them to the best product to use in finding the best online deals. Shopping Sherlock is real. Give it a try…

  10. The Shopping Sherlock opportunity is an awesome online business with outstanding leadership. The leadership of Shopping Sherlock have exemplified high standards and tremendous professionalism while expanding the Shopping Sherlock internationally. I’ve just sponsored a representative in Johannesburg, South Africa where we are pre-launching our product and opportunity. Oh yeah, as far as the product, its unparalleled, I’ve saved monthly using the Shopping Sherlock ( to buy items I need to buy anyway. Wow I’m rolling!!!! And, I help others save money because I give this product away for FREE. It’s a Free product!

  11. The Shopping Sherlock technology came out a little before its time and the world was not yet ready for it, mobile was just getting started here in the US while other nations were beginning to boom, Apps were not yet popular but now is the time, we all know that timing is everything and the fact of the matter is the Shopping Sherlock is right on time and is here to stay so get on board while it is still in its infancy, because we are global and we are poised to become a billion dollar company thanks to our great leadership. Quote: “We are just getting started.”

    Marcus Thurman
    Orlando Fl.

  12. Having been an excutive for fortune 500 companies, president of a company and built several of my own businesses over the past decade, I am proud to say the Shopping Sherlock is my business of choice. This business allows my wife and I to do the things we love to do and go the places we love to go.

    Helping people save time and money is so easy with the Shopping Sherlock’s Savings Network called the Sherlock Saver. Watch the short video about how to use the Sherlock Saver and start saving today.

    Just this week a friend of mine was helping someone look for the best price on a pirelli tire. She was quoted $300 to $350 for the model she needed. Using the Sherlock Saver my friend was able to help her find the exact tire she needed for $196. Only problem was that price included two tires with the Sherlock Saver, NOT ONE!

    Thanks to the Sherlock Saver my wife and I save time and money all the time on the stuff we need to buy any way and some times on stuff we don’t need to buy but the deals are so good we do.

  13. Tim says:

    Tremendous, Outstanding value…..the ability to give away a product that saves people money!

  14. Dan Robbins says:

    Thanks to the Shopping Sherlock, I’m on mission to help people save money! In times like this an extra $50.00 is another trip to the grocery,extra $100.00 you can pay off your debt,extra $200.00 – $ 500.00 can change your address, even change your life! Join us today,so you can make a difference. ” GOD BLESS “

  15. I was a happy, loyal member of the “other company” for four years because my savings were far greater than a monthly subscription of 34.95! Now with new leadership, top team support and the right trends, innovations and an outstanding product, I am in position to earn money like never before. And so can everyone else with a one-time license fee and an unbelievable low monthly fee. Two questions:
    Who do you know likes to save money online?
    Who do you know likes to make money online?
    I think, that just about covers the planet Earth!

  16. Gracie Kight says:

    Shopping Sherlock is a legitimate business. I am happy to be a part of it. Giving the Shopping Sherlock to family and friends so that they can save time and money is a good thing. We all win.

  17. Willie Cornell says:

    The Shopping Sherlock is a great opportunity, not only for a home based business but it allows us to share a product that will save people money on products purchased on line.

  18. Mary Soulsby says:

    I purchase all break room supplies for my office. Google has been helpful in searching but it is time consuming. The ease of listing an item in the search key and hitting the compare button has saved me several hours already. I purchase Maxwell House Special Delivery Filter Pack coffee and the cheapest I ever found it on a plain Google search was for $32.99. With the Sherlock on my first attempt, it came up with several vendors for $21.89. When cost cutting matters, use the Sherlock.

  19. People love getting great deals. That is just a fact. People share great deals all the time- they typically don’t get rewarded for that. With the Shopping Sherlock, even the average person can get paid simply for helping people they know get the best deals online and at local businesses. It just makes sense. As a business owner, the added value is that your name is in front of your clients all the time reminding them to frequent your business more often or to refer family & friends to you. I don’t know of any other way for a business owner to give away something for free that keeps your business top of mind with their existing clients & that earns them additional revenue from those same clients no matter if they ever purchase from your store again. It just makes business sense to get paid when your family & friends do what they are going to do anyway, vacation, shop, go out to eat! Even Nonprofit organizations or groups can use the Sherlock as an easy fundraiser.

  20. John O'Leary says:

    Shopping Sherlock comes through again!

    Xbox 360 250GB system $203.99 delivered. :-)Best I saw unit for w/o Shopping Sherlock was $299.00 not including sales tax.

    This amazing technology always finds me the best price… no matter what I am looking for!

    I won’t shop without it!

  21. More great savings stories coming in every day. Thanks for a great product and opportunity!

  22. Marcus Harris says:

    Just used the Sherlock to save my 11 year old son $10 on a Turtle X12 headset. Check that, I should say “he” used the Sherlock to save on a Turtle Beach for Xbox 360 headset. He priced checked and found it cheaper at Sams club.

  23. I just purchased an Otterbox Defender iPhone 4S case for $19.99 and free shipping. It usually retails at about $40. Wow at least 50% savings. All with the Shopping Sherlock.

  24. Angela Ruff says:

    My car was in the shop last month and needed a MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) for $300. I asked my mechanic to wait to order & went home and used my Sherlock to find that part for $146! It was shipped free to my house in less than 24 hrs. brand new from the manufacturer, and my mechanic was so impressed that he asked for a Sherlock to use too! 48% savings!

    The great wrap up was that my car was back in the shop later that month, and needed a new ignition coil & 6 spark plugs. I used the Sherlock, found an ignition coil for $42 & the plugs at about the same price as our local auto parts store; I called my mechanic to let him know. He told the local auto parts store at what a great price he could get, and they gave him everything I needed for $42–ignition coil AND plugs! (They were going to charge me $71 for the coil alone…not to mention the plugs.) Amazing!!!!! I was ecstatic & my pocket book was happy! I LOVE my Sherlock!!!

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